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Marijuana News

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HELENA – On a mostly party-line vote with Republicans in favor, the Montana House voted again Saturday to repeal Montana’s medical marijuana law, after a House panel examined the measure’s fiscal impacts.

We have found some kind of issue going on involving the Attorney General and the lingo of I-1135.

But Sensible Washington expects to get the revisions taken care of by February 24th!


More information about House Bill 1550, which is gaining support around the state.

My opinion is:

1. It will implicate the state in federal crimes by involving the state liquor board, and involving the tax commission.

2. Where will the state get the marijuana from? Hopefully local growers. But possibly state instituted facilities.

I think that this bill can’t possibly pass, because of the adversity it creates between the state and the feds.

Sensible Washington’s initiative makes more sense because it doesn’t involve government entities on a day to day basis, and the state is not selling a federally illegal substance. But removing criminal penalties is a smart and fiscally responsible thing to do. I believe that is what these legislators are trying to say. I wish more of our representatives with voice support for this people’s initiative! =)

Also we commented on this article, where one dispensary was saying most of the other dispensaries should be shut down.


I gave this guy 3 chances/invites to come on the shows, 3 different shows I have offered him a chance to speak his mind.

He claims that the interviewer misrepresented what he said, and I gave him a chance to speak his mind.

You can see the commentary, some of it by him on that KXLY link above.

If he is meaning to explain himself, according to the public comments in that link, I don’t see anything too much different than what he said in the interview. It seems like the reporter got the story right, if those comments are any evidence.

Anyway, I have proposed meeting in person, having him call my personal line, or having him call in to the radio show.

Im done with this unless he is ready to tell his side of the story.

Also speaking of telling a side of the story of any story, please check out I have had a ton of good times with this format!

Also we are redesigning the functionality of please write or call if you have any questions. 888-694-8737 ext 707

I also gave a reference to this move: Pump Up the Volume from 1990. That was a very inspirational movie to me. I recommend it to everyone!

This again is to any of those dispensary owners or growers who oppose ending prohibition!


It’s the only way you can have your signatures counted for I-1135 this year!

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