Sensi Life Radio going on hiatus

There are seasons for everything.  It is now the season for Reverend Ryan of Sensi Life radio to take this season seriously. 
It is a season in my wife’s and my life where we are preparing for a baby and building on our property.

Sensi Life Radio has been a very good outlet for me during a hard time in my life.   It also has been a great learning experience as I have interviewed and discussed topic with over a dozen amazing guests!   We are so very grateful for all of the people who came on and told their stories and shared their pain regarding their experience with prohibition.   It has inspired me to continue to work on freedom issues, and I am encouraged to continue even strong  with the National Initiative for Democracy.   (  as it is obvious that the only way the people are able to attain freedom, is through the initiative process.  We have initiative processes at the state level for many (but not all) states.  Why should we not have that same representation at the federal level?  I have also learned a lot about hemp and the benefits of growing hemp for our environment, some that I knew before and some that I didn’t know and I am glad to learn.   I have learned how many people have it worse with prohibition than I have and my heart breaks for them, furthering my desire for legalization!   There are so many lessons and strengths that I have gained from this radio station.   Thank you for everyone all around the world who are working for freedom!

This is how the radio show started up.

I have been posting at and supporting NORML for several years.
I was irritated with a conversation that included negative comments about freedom fighter Roger Christie.

After many pleas to Russ Belville to have him interview Chris Bennett or someone who can speak for Roger while he is in jail, and we were shut down.  No interview would be taking place on the NORML stash, despite that there were 8 posts by the host in the blog about Roger Christie, several radio shows, and most all of it was extremely negative, practically calling Roger Christie a crook.   Chris Bennett who is a world renown scholar, an author of several published books on cannabis, and a friend of Roger Christie going back 20 years or more.  Yet NORML wouldn’t give the topic any dialog it was ALL one sided.

So then I was invited to be on a few radio shows via Ray Christl who also is friends with Roger Christie.  I did a radio show with Clayton Douglas and Ray Christl on The Free American show.   After awhile it was pretty obvious that Clayton was a racist.  So then I went out to other radio stations and I got interviewed by Matti C with Liberty Talk Radio.   I also did a few radio call ins and got a good dialog going on other radio shows.

After awhile I realized that I need to get a schedule together, because I didn’t have time to bend to other people’s schedules.
So I started the website and I put together software for server on our web hosting server to stream audio, and to be able to interview folks I spliced in an account from

We have put a lot of info on   and we encourage you to take a look at the information that we have had shared on Sensi Life!

So after only 26 episodes it is time to take on my responsibilities to my family, my new baby on the way, and building our house in California.

We will be back eventually, and in the mean time please continue to fight for freedom!

We also have all of our episodes available for download from iTunes.

BTW-  We have a few more shows left, but by March we are going to retire from the radio for awhile.   Our replays will be available from and we also may have other hosts, that is to be decided stil.

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