Sensi Life Radio March 5th 2011, Sense in Washington

This weeks Saturday Podcast

I took a vacation from all of my other obligations this week, and for the last 7 days I have been working almost solely on the legalization effort in Washington.   We have gone the distance to get a meeting going in Spokane every Friday at 7pm.   We are giving updates from Sensible Washington via guest speakers and coordinators.   We are giving our own news about how we see the progress in Washington.  We are also setup with a great volunteer Rebeckah who is working as a volunteer recruiter with Sensible Washington.  She can help you get signed up to help and answer questions.

We also mentioned a few things going on in Washington this week, including a visit from Gil Kerlikowski to the Seattle Times on Friday.

I dispelled some rumors that I heard, and invited the authors of the rumors to come on the show.   ( < write me).

Thanks for listening!    See you at the next meeting!  Thanks for coming out to all of those who did!  Thanks for caring about your freedom!

WHAT: Legalization / Sensible Washington Volunteer meeting
WHEN: Friday March 11th 2011, 7pm – 9pm
WHO: Concerned Citizens
WHERE: 1312 North Monroe St. Spokane
CALL: 888-694-8737 ext 707 Ryan
… 888-694-8737 ext 708 Kimberly 




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