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When you can’t get press, MAKE YOUR OWN. That is my motto anyway. We are tired of the piss poor job that the media does of covering pot issues in Washington state, and other states. Utah is a particularly hard place to get anything done because most of the media is controlled by a dominant religious force that is completely against marijuana usage, and seemingly any kind of freedom in general.

So after years of dealing with this in Utah, and now finding that even many of the legalization groups aren’t covering what is going on in Washington, we have put together a 24/7 broadcasting server and we have 2 weekly radio shows.  
You can hear this at: and several of our other sites including

We are also looking to syndicate other broadcasters via Sensi Life to get more prospective on the liberty topics that we broadcast.
So if you are interested now is your chance.    Write info @

Here is a tutorial on setting up your radio station for free:

On to other news.   We have contributed some items from Emerald Sun Design Studio to Sensible Washington which will be used to raffle off and raise money.  Please contract Jessica Nuna Or Britney Lanza via facebook.   If you haven’t added them, please do!   We need all of the help that we can get this year.

Currently the item being raffled is a vintage tie dye designed and printed by Liquid Blue in 1991.   It is rare, brand new and never worn before.
This raffle is going on until Feb 1st 2010!

sensible washington raffle

This is a better look at the shirt:

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