Sensible Washington Meeting (Spokane) 1/12/11

I went to the address that we had all decided was the address for the meeting 35 West Main St, Spokane.   I was there a few minutes before the start time of 7pm and I noticed many groups meeting.  I was told that the meeting that I was interested in, The Sensible Washington meeting was up stairs in a conference room.  I got to the room, and at the conference table I saw Phillip Dawdy of Sensible Washington, so I was like “Oh yeah, this is it!”.

Low and behold Phillip is not representing Sensible Washington during this meeting.  He is representing he “Cannabis Defense Coalition ” (CDC).

I sit down, and set up my computer for broadcasting anyway.  It was a public meeting in a public location, so I figured why not.

Everyone saw me set up my camera and computer, and when the roll call took place I told everyone who I was and that I represented and Sensi Life Radio.

The meeting lasted over an hour, and by the time it was over I was nearly late for work.  So I packed up and got home as soon as I could.

Jessica Nuna had wrote me and asked if Phillip knew I was recording.  I informed her yes, I sat next to him and he watched me setup.

But I thought it would be courteous to write Phillip and ask him if it’s ok if I post the meeting online, and if I could interview him about Sensible Washington.   He has not yet wrote back and it has been about 24 hours.   So I am going to post the meeting and at this point I won’t be taking it down at a later time.   It has a lot of good information about the Medical Marijuana Addendum being proposed by Senator Jeanne Kohl-Well  SB 5073 / HB 1100.
There are a lot of things that I disagree with in this bill, but I wanted to post it for everyone so that you can come to an informed decision on your own.

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