Several dispensaries in Western Washington State being raided right now

There have been many recent intrusions upon patient’s rights and access points in Western Washington this week.

I have confirmed reports of two Medical cannabis farmer market’s being closed down, surrounded by some suspicious internal cannabis community politics.

You can learn more about this issue at:

Today 07/24/2013 I learned that at least three and maybe even more cannabis dispensaries in Western Washington have been raided.   So far I have this list:  “Seattle Cross“, “Tacoma Cross“, and “Bayside Gardens” in Olympia.
See this video from Bayside Gardens:


If you are close to these dispensaries, they need some advocacy right now and especially during this raid.  Please go to these location and observe, to keep law enforcement accountable.

There has been an increase in raids and interference in the last six months on the west side of the state.

I keep reminding everyone that cannabis was not really legalized in Washington with I-502.
Cannabis is STILL a schedule one drug on the Washington Uniformed Controlled Substances Act.

Please see my latest post on this deceptive law reform known as I-502.

Read more about the raids here:

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