Shame on the city of Hailey Idaho!

In response to this article: Judge neuters Hailey pot initiatives”
I posted the following:

Medical Marijuana

I am ashamed that in a democratic system the will of the people have once again been ignored.

As tax payers, the citizens that voted this initiative into law are your bosses Mr. Mayor and Mr. Police Chief.  

I know that in my company, my boss has the right to terminate my employment if I do not advocate certain things.  (not limited to; the company’s mission statement, and a number of policies that were designed by someone else, etc)…  When you are at work, your time belongs to the people that put you in office.
It’s not about limiting free speech.  Doing the will of the people who elected you is your job description.  If you can’t do your job, then  get a new job!

I am in favor of suing the city of Hailey.  Can I as a resident of Idaho Falls get behind some legal action here?

I would like to some how get this judge under some kind of ethics review as well.

You can visit my website:

Or email me at:

My name is Ryan Thompson


I don’t know if what I said will show up on their forums, but I am going to push to see this matter through, so that the will of the people isn’t erased!

Please write/call Hailey City Mayor:

Mayor Rick Davis
Phone: 208-788-4221 ext. 30

and Hailey City Police chief:

Jeff Gunter
Phone: 208-788-3531

And the judge that made this horrible mis-judgement against the people of Hailey.

Hon. Robert J. Elgee
201 2nd Avenue South, Suite 110
Hailey, ID 83333
Telephone: …………..(208) 788-5548
Facsimile:…………….(208) 788-5512
Court Reporter: Susan Israel
Telephone: …………..(208) 788-5513

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