Should we play bank? Why I am a Ron Paul supporter and not a Barney Frank supporter

When I spoke with Radical Russ on the NORML live show February 24th 2012 and the conversation was finished (rather abruptly).  Radical Russ Belville started speaking about how Ron Paul isn’t a big supporter of marijuana law reform, and such.  Claims that made me think to myself that I don’t think Russ would be a good political commentator based on how little he knows about this topic.  As is Ron Paul has been outspoken on cannabis legalization for 30+ years, and he won a lot of hearts to the idea of freedom including legalization of cannabis.

But the comment that Russ made that struck me wrong out of everything is when he compared how effective Ron Paul has been and claimed “Ron Paul has been about as effective as Barney Frank has” in regards to cannabis law reform.

When it comes to comparing Barney Frank and Ron Paul is that while they agree on cannabis law reform in a lot of ways, they disagree on just about everything else.

I could never be a Barney Frank supporter and this is why.  Below is one example, and even though the example is only 6 minutes, it illustrates the problem that I have now with a lot of what is going on in the cannabis movement as a whole.

We are now seeing people making a choice between real liberty, and establishment political games.
Initiative I-502 is one example of this.   But a more important example is US currency.

Barney Frank and most liberals have supported the central banking system and the deflation of our currency going back to 1913 under Woodrow Wilson and the democratic congress that passed the Federal Reserve Act.

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