Prohibition – Slowly killing the life out of our country

I found this story on the NORML Daily Audio Stash: About a Georgia Pastor who was shot and killed by mistaken DEA agents.

When these drug agents are so hyped up on their high of aggression and adrenaline (that they seem to be all to often hooked on), can kill an innocent clergy person, with a baby on the way and who was found with no crime and possibly get away with it. This type of behavior that happens all too often in this ‘drug war’ is unacceptable, and these police better find justice if our system is truly just. Their job status, or importance to the police department should not count for anything in regards to their justice.

It is a sad thing when our country is so hooked on war and when they aren’t satisfied with international war, they turn on the people of the USA. I guess pot smokers are an easy target for these drug warriors. But how can they justify torturing, killing, entrapping, imprisoning peaceful, harmless, pot smokers who just want to be left alone by the law.

This case apparently has something to do with cocaine, but non-the-less this innocent, peaceful, Christian pastor had nothing on him illegal. He was the wrong guy. But they are so insane about crime and punishment, and possibly hyped up on the coke themselves, that they were determined to make someone pay. I saw the video. That guy was just trying to get away from these plain clothed officers with guns and aggression.

Pastor Killed in Drug sting

This is Jonathan Ayers blog:

This is killing the life out of our country.


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Surveillance Video of the killing via CNN:

WNEG news (authorities response):

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