Small voices make big changes

We have been counting the reasons why we have decided to invest our lives in making this message of restoring liberty, and of re-legalizing cannabis more obvious to the masses.  We have so many reasons for getting involved, but very few of them give us monetary of material rewards.  We do want to thanks MHP in Spokane for buying shirts and computers and such from us, because that really helps us moving forward with re-legalizing cannabis.

It really comes down to how I have fallen in love with the way that this country was founded, based on individual liberty, and ending the king and peasant dynasty’s of old by creating a very free and open market.    We have lost a lot of this to socialism in the past 90 years.
Ever since the 19-teens our rights have been getting depleted more and more over government ‘tending to the common good’ by taking over more and more of our lives.  Now what the founding fathers started is gone and only remnants of it remain.   So now we put our trust in unions and corporations and political parties to regain what we have lost, and then we find out that these people that we trust dupe us just like the corporations that were instrumental in taking our rights away from the beginning.

So what is the next steps.   Well we always need to look at history to see similar or even identical things that have happened in the past, and learn from the mistakes of our ancestors.  Bowing to the crown never pays off in the end from my understanding of history.  Humans with lots of power become corrupt.

My approach is similar to Jesus’s approach like with his apostles.  Give a voice to those who make the least noise, who have the least, and who care and are more passionate about life than those with plenty, and those who make a lot of noise. 
It seems to me that people who are set aside, for example Ralph Nader and all of the political exclusion that he has endured, its people like Ralph who make the most difference.    Why?   Because they are getting their feet wet, they are rolling up their sleeves, they are picking up picket signs, toeing the line and approaching legislatures, and writing thought provoking books.  Ralph Nader is one goofy guy, but that is a man that I feel has heart.   Same with Sen. Mike Gravel, also someone who is not a real significant political power, but gets a lot of people inspired!  Ron Paul is very genuine and freedom loving as well.

Well, let me just say hats off to the hard working, under paid (no pay), sincere and dedicated group at Sensible Washington!

We try to give what we can, but I only can give so much, people who care about the future of our state, the future of our cannabis market need to step up and donate also!  We need a combined effort to not only pay the volunteers, but to cover gas, printing costs, advertising costs, etc..

Specifically for 2010, thanks to Don Skakie, Jessica Nuna, Britney Lanza, and so many others in other parts of the state!

Jessica has been using her own resources, and even offered up her own house tonight to do the Sensible Washington meeting.
She pulled a bunch of people together, and everyone came, had a good time, got a long, and learned a bunch of things!

Hopefully we get the initiative’s wording soon.  I am anxious to see how it is written!

P.S.  We do NOT represent Sensible Washington.  We represent people who care about freedom thats about it.  I dont want to see my daughters grow up in slavery!


BTW-   Today’s scripture is:   Proverbs 27:5

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