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This is no surprise about how Obama has backpedaled again and again on the cannabis topic.

He campaigned in part by his rejection of the war on drugs, and decriminalizing cannabis.

Now he is just echoing the same thing we’ve heard over and over since this failed policy was originally implemented.

Obama says he’s not willing to end the drug war

The one thing I had hoped for with a black man as president, is that he could see from a different perspective and listen to the cries of the people of color in this country who get locked up at an alarming rate (above and beyond the rates of other ethnicity’s) for non-violent drug ‘crimes’ (I use that word very loosely).


The drug war was started based in part on racism, and racism still fuels much of prohibition and the demographics of drug arrests prove that.

But it seems Obama doesn’t care any more than George Bush.  It is truly disgusting.

I made these videos for Obama over the years.

Mr. President are you going to keep your promises?  (December 2008)

Jail time for simple possession!


I hope people consider Ron Paul for president, who is someone who honors his promises and votes accordingly (just check his record).

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee

Please also call your representative and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 2306!

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