So you’re a republican who worships Jesus, tell me..


But when you compare socialism to Jesus (like this image does).
Do you really know the difference?

Socialism means state enforced and forced charity
With Jesus he taught free will, and he never asked anyone for tithing or money in his ministry as far as the Bible is concerned.

Jesus led by example. When people needed to eat, he provided. He didn’t say “take up a collection everyone, so that we can feed the masses”.

Jesus did advise people who asked him about money what to do with it, and he said “give it (directly) to the poor”. But never once was recorded as asking for other people’s money to do good deeds with. Nor was he recorded telling his apostles to do this either.

Bottom line is socialism doesn’t work, it has been tried and it has failed many times. Capitalism works because their is a tangible motivation to excel and do well and to create new innovations. Capitalism is what funded our current scientific achievements.

It is only recently that the USA has introduced socialism. And socialistic ideas like Social Security, Medicare, etc are all burning up and going bankrupt.

Which also shows where we have gotten in this country with socialism.
We have more debt in our country than our GDP is worth for the first time in history. So our country is upside down in debt, in ways that was not even witnessed during the great depression.

Soon the bottom will fall out, and we’ll be starting over.

Anyway I am a republican (this year for the first time ever, I joined a political party, blah).. And I worship Jesus.. So I felt moved to respond to the question.

I think instead of worrying about the government doing all of this for us. We do like Japan does in some communities, where they have a community workshare program. Kimberly Dawn Hertel Thompson found this and told me about it.

I personally favor this voluntary system of charity and community service as opposed to straight government subsidized welfare.

Which is similar to our business model.

It is my educated opinion that the free market is the best model for consumers, for society, for innovation, and for liberty.   I believe that Ron Paul is right about how the environment is protected in a libertarian society, it is through property rights.  There are many boundaries within libertarianism, such as you can not damage someone’s life, liberty or property.  So environment issues would be settled contractually, or via private insurance, or in a civil court.

(my apologies if I sound preachy, but this socialism stuff is big)

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