Social Security is slavery, I just want the FREEDOM to opt out!

I don’t think that anyone is proposing taking grandma’s hard earned social security away from her, but the time now is to realize that there is no money in the social security fund, the country is becoming insolvent and eventually the general fund will not “have enough money in the coffers” to cover the social services that our country has obligated itself to.
It was only two months ago that President Obama threatened to take away 70 million social security, disability, and veteran checks.

So I have gotten real and I realize that by the time I retire I will not have any ability to collect on the over $300,000 plus interest that I will have contributed, and I simply want the FREEDOM to opt out.

If others wish to continue with this insolvent/nearly bankrupt fund, let them. Go ahead. Be my guest. But as for me, I want the FREEDOM to opt out. This should NOT be a mandated fund.…

Obama threatened to take away these social services in July 2011.

Listen to Ron Paul’s speech on why the government LIES about social security, and why he would like to give Americans the ability to OPT OUT if they so choose!

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