Socialism in the USA, how the drug war gains support

It is truly sad to me to see so many people misunderstand what socialism is all about.

I recently have read an article about socialism by Milton Friedman titled “The Drug War as a Socialistic Enterprise“.

I had a debate with several opponents of Proposition 19 in California who at least one of them despite being a cannabis consumer is very much in favor of socialism, and also an strong opponent of Prop 19.

When she said this about capitalism, I was sure she didn’t fully understand socialism:

“Ha! We’l have to agree to dis agree my friend. You don’t see what the government is truly doing when it enacts these “socialist” policies. You should really do some research into what you’re saying. Have you ever read “A People’s History of the United States”? If not, I highly reccomend it. Perhaps it will explain some misconceptions you have about socialism. Good luck when the shit hits the fan, because we will be FORCED to cooperate or DIE. Socialism DOES work, when capitalists don’t come and screw it all up. Get educated, please.”

First, lets look at what socialism is, socialism is based on Marxism.  This is the role of the state in socialism.

In Marxist theory, the state is a mechanism dominated by and utilized in the interests of the ruling class to subjugate other classes, to legitimize the existing socio-economic system and to promote the interests of the dominant class.[7]”

RE: wikipedia Socialism/Marxism

An accurate portrait of socialism was WWII Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.   I don’t think much explaination needs to be posted about those two eras.  The point is, when the government control various social aspects of our life, such as social security, affirmative action, etc.   Then the government controls more of our lives.   Socialism leads to fascism, its proven over and over again.

Our country was stronger and freer in a free market capitalistic society.   But when the government continued to take hold of more and more of our lives, via socialistic policies we started losing more and more of our freedom, and our will.

Now in socialist America, we have huge banks getting bailed out with our tax dollars, huge insurance companies getting bailed out with our tax dollars, all in the name of “doing the right thing for the people”.  Meanwhile these companies who made poor decisions and failed are giving million dollar bonus to their executives with our tax dollars, because we ignore our constitution and we have embraced socialism in the USA.

This is a great illustration from Milton Friedman:

“The fundamental problem we face is not the war on drugs-although some of us are most interested in that issue. The war on drugs and the harm which it does are simply manifestations of a much broader problem: the substitution of political mechanisms for market mechanisms in a wide variety of areas.

To illustrate, I want to go beyond the war on drugs. We all recognize that the war on drugs is destroying our inner cities. But if I were to ask any one of you what is the next most important factor that is destroying the inner cities, I suspect a great many would agree with me that the next most important factor is our defective educational system, the terrible schools in our inner cities, schools which do not teach, but which are essentially places to keep kids off the streets for a certain number of hours a day.

Both failures have the same source. The war on drugs is a failure because it is a socialist enterprise. Our schooling is deteriorating because it is a socialist enterprise. Except possibly for the military, education is the largest socialist enterprise in the United States. There are a few loopholes: private schools to which parents can send their children if they can afford to pay or, in the case of parochial schools, if they have certain religious views. However, ninety percent of all kids are in government schools. And that socialist institution performs the same as most other socialist institutions.”

I am amazed at how obvious this is, and yet how all of these socialists fail to grasp that socialism equals government control. 
Free market capitalism equals less government control.

If you are interested in trying socialism on, maybe try going to a different country to see how you like it.  Or open your history books up to the section about Nazi Germany.  But get that out of my country quick!  We don’t want your government regulations!

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