Some 420 messages

I would like to encourage everyone to continue to the love and kinship of 420.
I was very impressed with the community togetherness today every where I went in Spokane.
I took my family with me to visit the Walk In Wednesday meeting at the Library with Ian and Dave.
We awarded Ian and Dave with the grandprize for getting the most signatures on the east side of the state.
I got a really awesome keif box that was made by Myo Keifbox and was traded to us by Nick Valdez for some Sensible Washington t-shirts. We awarded that to the top signature gatherer (as promised at the first of the month). It’s so cool, it made me wish I had gotten several. So I will be buying one soon for our new business: Hemp Strategies ( ).

Speaking of Hemp Strategies.  We launched this new website for our new business Hemp Strategies.

Please see the following videos about cannabis legalization and our 4/20 announcements.

Announcement from’s video blog


Announcement from’s video blog.

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