Spokane has heart! Protest at the city council meeting tonight!

I did not find out about this problem via the traditional means.  I had not learned of the details I should say, however the problem with Spokane police is obvious.   From the “Golden Goose Fund” whistle blower that came out a few years ago forcing the Spokane police to admit wrong doings, and admitting to having no account where hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales from seized assets disappeared and has gone unaccounted for.

When this was all coming out, it was at the same time that Change In Spokane got shut down for providing legal medicine to legal medical patients.      You can see my video and my letter to Spokane Police Department in 2009 here:


Tonight was another awesome display of how Spokane citizens can peacefully assemble and get their point across.  In Tim’s and Gina’s protest tonight many activists did not sit down, and they turned their backs to the city council for not allowing a discussion to take place after the ombudsman’s hearing.   After every other item on the agenda, they made time for questions at the end but at the end of the ombudsman’s hearing (despite that “Got Questions” was the last slide during this presentation), the president “Joe Shogan” showed contempt and anger to the idea of questions that anyone had for this hearing.  Instead he gave 3 minutes for questions at 9pm like they always do.   They gave 3 minutes for this issue, but more than an hour (with questions) for the contractor ordinance that they are trying to pass.

Joe Shogan

City Council President At Large Term: 2008 – 2011 Contact
After you watch this meeting, please write Joe and let him know his conduct tonight was inappropriate!
I was just so proud and amazed that Tim and Gina and other protesters refused to sit down, even as Joe Shogan called in the police.
After he asked them to leave, about 6 minutes later the police showed up.
At this time I was late for getting home to get my girls from girlscouts and I was in the lobby getting ready to leave.  But when I saw this display of protest I decided to stick around and film what happened.
Fortunately no one was arrested (wouldnt have that been ironic, and ALL TOO PUBLIC), but the city council meeting stopped for nearly 7 minutes while this demonstration took place, and eventually the protesters peacefully walked out of the hearing at their own will.
Im further impressed of how peaceful yet effective this protest went.  I stuck around another 15 minutes as my parking meter flashed red, and as my time issue grew more urgent.  But I saw it through, and the other protesters stayed when I left shortly after.
I rushed home to take care of all of my pending issues, and turned on channel 5 (citycable5) and watched the rest of the hearing.
At the end Tim and Gina got up and testified with heart and conviction in a very well spoken and thoughtful way about their horrible experience after sticking up for their friend at Change who has had his life turned upside down when the police arrested him and continue to pursue him.
Tim and Gina testified that they have never had a problem with police before testifying for their friend in front of a committee, but shortly after they continue to be harassed by Spokane Police.  They used their 3 minutes so well, and it brought me to be very angry.  Anyone who loves freedom would be angry about what the Spokane police are doing!
An article came out about this in the Spokesman Review on 2/23/2011 and that will shed more light on this.  If you would like to see the whole meeting replayed, please watch it on March 10th 2011 @ 6pm PST on Channel 5 in Spokane or at the City website >
We will also be recording this and re-posting it on our website for later viewing as soon as it is broadcast.
Im sad to say that only a small portion of what I filmed showed up at www.qik.com/xcannabis.  I believe a few other folks were filming from a different point of view and I look forward to getting that video and I will be posting it at:  http://xcannabis.com/xtube
Much love to these awesome freedom fighters, THANK YOU for having heart enough to CARE ABOUT YOUR FREEDOM!!
See the replay of this on March 10th 2011 @ 6pm:  http://www.spokanecity.org/services/citycable5/streamingmedia/

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