Spokane Medical Herb Providers

I am not going to let Prop 19 get me down.  We are regrouping and moving forward with new plans in California.
As it is we bought land in Cali, and started laying out plans for building our house, our garage and our greenhouse.
We planned on getting or med cards in Cali just as I have done in Washington, and having  a small garden to supply a cannabis cafe that we have been planning on for many years. 

Back in 2003 we bought the domain name:   coffeeconnectionz.com  and planned on getting started with our coffee shop.
In 2006 we rented a building in Springville Utah that once had a coffee shop in it owned by my cousin at one time.
His equipment was gone, but the plumbing, and layout was perfect. 
We moved in, and then the housing market started to get shaky, so we decided to sell our house in Mapleton Ut and move to Seattle.

After moving to Seattle and getting my med card, we thought about doing the cannabis cafe.  Then I-1068 came out and we were living in Spokane at the time and we got a new commercial rental with approval from the landlord to have a dispensary.  Then it got to be close to July and we realized that the cannabis cafe was not going to happen in the format that we wanted it (recreational social club).   So we dropped the lease, and focused our efforts in printing shirts and promoting legalization.

Now that Proposition 19 has failed, it looks like we are looking to do something a bit different, but we will be moving to California regardless.  Since we have already invested so much into it, and our land is sweet!

But the one thing that holds my heart in Spokane, and I guess there isnt just one thing.  But one of the things that inspires me most is going to Medical Herb Providers on Freya in Spokane.   Just north of Sprague a few blocks.

This place has came so far, and tries in everything they to do include others.  They are what I consider a true co-op.
This is one place that I dont cringe when I walk in.  It feels like family when walking through the door.  Like going to an uncles house or a good friends house.

For me that is exactly the kind of medicine I need, because I work graveyards and I have no social life what-so-ever.   I worked 220 hours last month, and this month I will work another 200+ hours.  Which is 40-60 hours more than a typical work month.  So going to MHP brightens my spirits.  I love to hear about what they are doing, and how things are progressing..   They now are moving to a new building, with a better layout.   They have a state of the art dispensary computer system, and a great variety of meds.   The best part is that they are good people, which great attitudes and a great work ethic.

I can’t say enough positive things about Jerry, Dennis and Allen, and many other folks around there.

We are also very fond of other providers in town, but since I started going to MHP, I really haven’t been anywhere else, except for a few trades with other patients for services that we offer.  
We make advertising media, including anything screen printed, vinyl, custom etched glass jars.  We also do website’s and technical support.  If we can trade for medicine, we usually do.

I like to think of a world were our currency has some value.  There is no real value in a dollar bill, except maybe to wipe your butt or something.  A dollar bill, and even our coins have little value because even the coins are a alloy that does have any real significant value or usage other than as currency.   Our dollar is only valuable because we assign a value to it.  In and of it self the currency has no value.   Think about taking a thousand dollar bill back to the time of the cave men.  Wouldn’t mean shit.

So we like ganja for currency.

There is a young kid that volunteers at MHP.  He is a good kid, but I bust his balls.  
I used to work at an irrigation company when I was 14, and I got my balls busted every day by the adults on the crew, but I know they were bustin my balls, it made me feel like part of the team.

Allen showed me how to use a Volcano and a Vape bros vaporizer.  I am buying one NOW!

One of theses days our cannabis community won’t be so taboo to talk about, and some day we will have fields of hemp everywhere!

Thanks MHP!   (I wish I had some pictures, but I will get some soon)

Bless up to all of you freedom fighters who are making progress and taking bold stands for freedom!

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