Spokane Police complaints up, discipline down – Protest Monday at 6pm

More citizens alleged misconduct by Spokane Police Department employees last year than the previous four years, but the number of complaints that resulted in discipline decreased.


Spokane Police complaints up, discipline down – Protest Monday at 6pm


Monday, March 7 · 6:00pm Р9:00pm

City Council Chambers in the lower level of City Hall, 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.

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Calling ALL in Spokane WA!!!!

It is time to pull the troops together and circle the wagons!

We have a review on Spokane Police Ombudsman
…coming up on Monday March 7th at 6:00p.m. at the local City council.

We have presented a number of well substantiated claims showing gross
Malfeasance, Misfeasance, and Nonfeasance on behalf of the Spokane Police, Spokane Prosecutor, SIU, Police Ombudsmen, CPS, IA, Assistant Chief of police, Chief of police and the The Mayor.

When city officials no longer are there for the common citizen.
It is time for us to stand together and demand change!

We have all been subjected to gross offenses; protection of local thugs and crimes committed against us with no citations issued. Even with attempted vehicular manslaughter.

Why you ask?
That is what we have asked, the only thing that has come to light is that we are Medical Marijuana patients.

If we ever want this community to have a real voice we need to come together!

We need to demand answers from our city council why are these people in office when they are not serving the common person?

If they don’t want to work for the people, than we the people, will put those in office that will fight for the common man! We were told that, “if we had the money we could hire our own police officer to watch our house.” Thank you SCOPE officer… We thought it was our tax dollars that paid for police protection.

This article was a PR piece, now we should all get together and let the Spokane Council hear from the people who know the truth!

*If you feel that we are living in a police state it is time to have your voice heard!

*If you feel you have been let down by your local “protectors” it is time to be heard!

*If you feel Medical Marijuana patients are unfairly treated it is past time to stand together and show this community that we do have a voice, and it is screaming together we are fed up and we demand change, REAL change now!

*Don’t Fear Change, Change FEAR!

-Here is what some of these city officials and city offices salaries and budgets look like:

-Police Ombudsman $90,000.00

2010 Actual Expenditure 2011 Projected Expenditure
General Fund Non-General Fund General Fund Non-General Fund
Direct Personnel & Benefits $2,619,944.00 $0.00 $2,299,493.00 $0.00

-Administrative Personnel & Benefits $216,431.00 $0.00 $198,714.00

-Interfund Charges Allocated to Bid $382,050.00 $0.00 $375,264.00

-Other Costs Allocated to Bid $359,985.00 $265,307.00 $0.00

-Total Expenditures $3,578,410.00 $0.00 $3,138,778.00 $0.00

-2010 Total: $3,578,410.00

-2011 Total: $3,138,778.00

-Spokane Mayor: with Spokane having a populist 204,400 the mayor gets paid $8,834.00 a month.

-Spokane City council members: $2,500.00 a month.

-Chief of Police Anne Kirkpatrick’s salary is as illusive as her phone number : http://www.spokanepolice.org/

*If you think State funds are inappropriately being spent, demand accountability!
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