Spokane Police Department

My letter to Spokane Police Department on 09/16/2009,


I am seriously disappointed in the SPD, and other agencies that felt it necessary to rip legal and necessary medicine from thousands of legally qualified patients in Spokane!

Would you think its better for patients to be going to the untaxed, and unregulated black market?

Would it be just peachy if gramma who is suffering from cancer, goes down town to the local crack dealer to get her legal medicine?

Do you people have your priorities in the right place?  Isn’t there is huge meth problem in Spokane?   That stuff CAN kill people.  Marijuana has never killed anyone.

I am going to start a campaign to have those of you involved in this removed from office for not respecting the will of the voters.

We have many watch dog groups in this area.   And it sickens me to see you people harboring and condoning an illegal golden goose fund for 20 years, and when the truth comes out about that, no one gets punished.

You people get away with just about anything.

Why not have a little empathy and compassion for people who actually obey the law!?!

Ryan Thompson


(link to the golden goose fund story):  http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2009/sep/13/the-golden-goose-fund/

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