Spokesman for pot group fired at news conference

I oppose I-502 as well, but I sure as hell would have fired Philip too.  He is a total profiteer and a complete embarrassment to the cannabis movement.
Just like when he was charging dispensaries $5000 a year to be a part of the WCA which went all defunked shortly after people started giving up their money.


This is a meeting that I went to in January 2011 and Phillip Dawdy was hustling dispensaries for $5000 a pop, and then shortly after taking their money, shut down the Washington Cannabis Association that he was trying to build.

Sensible Washington Meeting (Spokane) 1/12/2010

Also reference:  http://xcannabis.com/2011/03/sb-5073-hearing-a-step-back-in-medical-cannabis-for-wa/

More information can be found here:


My advice..   Wow…  I really don’t have any here.  But I do think that Philip Dawdy was a better journalist than cannabis activist.

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