Springville Utah’s drug problem, a second look

This is a second look at the public service announcement that Springville city released recently on their website  http://springville.org


Springville Utah’s drug problem, a second look

After reviewing the video, and looking up the numbers, I got a completely contradictory message from the Springville City council meeting during March 18th 2008, where it was revealed that Springville City has the most prescription drug abuse in the county and in the state, and leads by 7/10th of a percent.


It is also known that Utah leads the nation by TWICE as much in prescription drug abuse.






So how can they honestly bend the numbers that way and sleep at night.

They are waging a war on drugs, and neglecting the problem that our kids actually face fatal consequences with which is prescription drugs.

It is my opinion that Springville needs to worry more about harm reduction rather than the morality of recreational drugs.

Sincerely, Reverend Ryan



Here is another story from Springville that related to my points in my video.


SPRINGVILLE — A few days before Christmas, city prosecutors charged Lacey Plaisted, the wife of star BYU basketball center Trent Plaisted, with driving under the influence and summoned her to appear in Springville Justice Court in connection with a Dec. 13 traffic stop.

She had apparently been taking a prescription painkiller for a recent knee injury she had suffered days before while at work. A Utah County sheriff’s officer stopped her for running a stop sign and showing irregular “signals in her driving pattern” at 600 South and Canyon Road in Springville, according to police.





You mean these cops didn’t draw their guns, and tear her car apart?  Just because the drugs that she is endangering society with are legal???


The prosecutor seemed lenient and sympathetic.  I would like to know the overall outcome of her prosecution.  This is a SERIOUS crime.  DUI is no joke!



Meanwhile, harmless pot smokers get their record ruined, and sentenced to archaic and tyrannical jail terms for a natural and harmless substance that God Himself authorized in Genesis 1:29.


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