Standing together vs. falling apart

One thing that warlords, politicians and religious leaders who have been known in history for oppressing other peoples have in common is there ability of weakening their enemy through dividing them internally.
This is well known and regularly used as a tactic even to this day.   Instead of fighting the enemy, a campaign to turn people against each other is the best use of resources so that losses stay at a minimum and essentially the enemy conquers themselves.

This is true in slavery for sure.  We see it with African slaves who were sold into slavery by their own tribes or neighboring tribes.  The motivating factor was of course money.
We saw this also in the Emerald Isles during the potato famine  which actually had been brewing for about 400 years where the oppressors denied the oppressed land and status, and in backhanded ways divided the culture by securing a few key opponents with money and status, thus dividing the culture that they were oppressing and making them weaker within themselves.

This type of thing is also happening in the cannabis community, where big money talks to many activists who otherwise have a good cause and what appears to be a strong heart.  People get sucked into the money game, and then end up being divided with would-be friends and supporters.  I think a good example of that is the Christopher Stevens case in Spokane that I recently posted about.

I have been saddened that friends I know are so torn, and people who I have been friends with are distance from activism and have been pulled into cannabis corporations which do not typically hold the same values as a legalization activist.

So I have been trying to stay away from that form of corruption.  I have tried to keep the money factor out of my activism.
I mean yah, we do sell t-shirts and merchandise.  But even though I could have opened up a dispensary many times over by now, I have not done so, while I am working on activism in Washington, because I dont want to become complacent or greedy like so many shop owners that I know.

These people who were talking about nothing except full legalization a few years ago, are doing NOTHING to help the cause now that they are making hundreds of thousands of dollars.   And you would think, these cannabis business folks who are making so much money from this cause, would have so much more to give now that they are making so much from the cannabis community.
But what do they give?  How do they help?   What are they doing to restore freedom to the rest of the community?
It seems like all of their talk of legalization has gone to the bank.

I think we need to all get back under the umbrella of working together for freedom.  Instead of all of this divisive money making.

Anyway, for St. Patricks day I wanted to celebrate the partial liberation of several enslaved people in this country.   There is so much more to it beyond what is in this 8 minute presentation that I made.    I think it is easy however, to find common ground.

This movie is about cultural diversity via the African liberation movement and via the Irish liberation movement in America.
Both people suffered dearly to their oppression.  Yet because of the struggle they endured they came out stronger and more united as a result.  Hence how I related this to the cannabis movement.   Those in the cannabis community need to unite.  No snitching,  no taking monetarily beneficial sides of this which ultimately divide us.    As many o’ freedom fighters have said “united we stand, divided we fall”.


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