Tax Day protesting in Idaho!

Protesting for the legalization of marijuana in SouthEast Idaho was a blast, and went better than expected.

I met a lot of people who were very supportive of this cause, and only a few who were opposed.

I met a physician who was very supportive of the cause, and 100’s of other who took flyers from me and gave me encouragement.

In my video I’ve included some examples of the conversations that I had with people.  It was very fun and exciting and WET!!

PLEASE post your pictures or videos of your tax day protest!

(please excuse the quality of the video, I was really tired when I edited it)


Also, some of the people who I met today had some questions that I was able to give vague answers too in that situation.
Please see this video for an AWESOME history of marijuana, including current scientific data from experts.

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