Speak Easy

I just wanted to make this un-official announcement of this un-official business/speakeasy… I think it’s important to define a few ground rules. For everyone’s sake.

Terms (TOS)
This website open to the public, and anyone may register and use this site so long as they are 18 years of age. If they are not of 18 years of age, they may need to consult with mom and dad as to when their birthdates are, then add 18 years to that year that you were born, and that is when you will be able to join this site without yourself or any of your peers breaking any laws by any minors joining and using this site.

That being said, we are not responsible for the content posted on this site. The poster themself are the responsible party of said posting. If a member of the staff of this site post anything, it is of their personal opinion and not necessarily that of the website xCannabis.com.

At this point we are made up of entirely non-paid volunteers. This is not a “non-profit site”. This is literally a “No-Profit” site.

We hope to change that so that we are able to restore our 1929 Rum-Runner power yatch, the Roanoake.

If there are any problems with a persons postings, legally or otherwise, feel free to contact the management so that we can take care of the problem promptly.

info @xcannabis.com

For anyone who is not aware. Illegal substances are just as illegal on the net as the are off the net. So becareful of your words, and be consderate of other and speak easy.


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