The cannabis community to unite with Ron Paul and end the drug war once and for all!

Support Ron Paul, as he is our only hope presently for ending the Federal Reserve, for ending the drug war, and for bringing our troops home.

(Ron Paul has the most enthusiastic supporters! )

So many people say “we need to unite and get this done, no more division”.

Well…. Now is the time for you to be that, and stop sitting on the fence.

A story from this video that I posted on my facebook last week:

“There was a friend of mine in school. In fact for a few years we were very close. Until 9th grade, when he wanted to be as a competitive as possible with me. At first he started bragging about how many girls he ‘scored’ with, and later tried desperately to sleep with any female I was ever interested in.

Now while his count in “scores” is much higher than mine. touché

On the other hand his reward is a collection of incurable STD’s.

Well, while some are not picky about WHAT law reform they choose, just HOW MANY.. At the same time, the consequences of this type of competition is very high and could effect thousands if not millions of Washingtonians in similar ways as my very competitive friend was effected with STDs.

Quantity is not always as important as quality.

Quality legislation is I-505.

The STD of legislation is I-502 and SB 5073.

Sure it may feel good to support all types of law reform, but in the end you’ll regret it.”

Ron Paul NORML interviews (NORML Daily Audio Stash) (2007)

Part 1:


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