The drug warriors keep up the pressure

Think that the marijuana battle has been won, based on a few victories in 14 states?   Even in those 14 states drug warriors continue to carry out their all out offensive on American citizens, even legal medical patients who are protected by the 10th Amendment.

Well, now the fight continues.  But not within out borders exclusively.  Our drug warriors are pursuing a freedom fighter in Canada who sold something as harmless as SEEDS!  These are seeds given to us by the creator, and should be respected by our government as such a blessing and a religious right to be able to enjoy cannabis. But not only does our government not respect our civil rights, but they bend the law to fit their particular interpretation, despite the contradictions their interpretations have with the constitution.

This is a video of Marc Emery’s final moments of freedom and the video of his young wife who is to be left all alone for who knows how many years!?

All of this over a natural, safe, and god given plant that has never killed anyone.

And now this, to vent!

Ya know, we sell alcohol, tobacco, and prescriptions in this country, and all of those substances have proven to:

1.  All be deadly

2.  To not have nearly as many benefits to marijuana

Marijuana has never killed anyone!

  • Tobacco kills about 390,000.
  • Alcohol kills about 80,000.
  • Sidestream smoke from tobacco kills about 50,000.
  • Cocaine kills about 2,200.
  • Heroin kills about 2,000.
  • Aspirin kills about 2,000.
  • Marijuana kills 0. There has never been a recorded death due to marijuana at any time in US history.
  • All illegal drugs combined kill about 4,500 people per year, or about one percent of the number killed by alcohol and tobacco. Tobacco kills more people each year than all of the people killed by all of the illegal drugs in the last century.
  • Source:

Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery – Saturday, May 22

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