The Emerald Sun will rise, on St. Patty’s Day

We have decided to delay the opening of Emerald Sun Incorporate until March 17th.
We have a few permits and licenses as well as a few walls to build.

Emerald Sun Opening March 17th

I figure St. Patty’s is a good day, that doesn’t get a lot of attention. It falls on Wednesday this year after all. So we will probably just keep the party warm for the weekend.

This is an article that I recommend: The Real St. Patrick?

Also this is a video that I made about the struggle that Irish folks endured in our country when they arrived:

On Wednesday March 17th, we will open our doors. We will serve some refreshments and get to know our neighbors.
We will also have a killer sale on all of our new wares! When I say new, I mean no one else has these wares, because they are designed and made by Emerald Sun. Kimberly makes hand sewn threads, from hoodies to shorts, and even some sick kushy bags that we call “Dope Duffals”, these were a hit at HempFest last year!
I will be sporting a new line of clothing made by us. My birthday present from Kimi is this really bad ass corduroy hoodie! Im psyched! You want to talk about made in the USA, these are made in your own back yard! Made for rugged, and casual use.
We are an outdoors type of family, so we make our clothing for our lifestyle.

We will also have a variety of Emerald Sun t-shirts will clever designs to promote the cannabis awareness and legalization movement.

Don’t miss out on this sale, we are give 5% of ever sale to WA NORML, and we are going to be discounting each item at least 15% off regular prices.

Also we will have forms to sign for the I-1068 petition. Read more about it at:

This is our address:
9423 North Division
Spokane, WA 99218

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