The end can also be a new beginning

It has been a sad day today, learning of two sad loses.
First of all, as a family shoutout. We lost our cousin today Carlos. Who died at a very young age as a passenger of a car that got in a really bad accident. Im toking tonight in remembrance of two men that I’ve never met, but who both deeply effected my life today.

Jack Herer
Jack Herer

I don’t know if this is true, but according to many internet resources, Jack Herer is either in critical condition from a heart attack, and other reports say that he has passed on.
Since I don’t subscribe to television, I can only rely on the internet and friends for information.

So I will share a few sources that I deem credible that have mentioned Jack’s condition.

Also see this link, which seems to have a different report, but may be a source worth investigating.

Incase you are one of few who do not know who Jack Herer is.  He is “the Hemperor”, he is one of the most referenced authors in the cannabis culture.   Jack Herer wrote “The Emperor Wears No Cloths”, which is where his well deserved title comes from.  This is an encyclopedia on cannabis history.   I’ve shared some of my favorite pages from Jack’s book on xCannabis as of late.  He has some amazing facts that are able to hold up.  Jack knows his stuff!

This is Jack’s website:

I first read this book at a bookshop in Seattle about 10 years ago:  The Emperor Wears No Clothes .
The information that I read in there, in regards to history, religion and debunked marijuana myths was a beginning of a life changing experience that wouldn’t come to harvest for nearly 10 years.

I could never remember Jack’s name, but I remembered the name of the book, and some of the information that I read in the book.  I have long recited the facts behind the marijuana monkey studies.  And it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I located the book in the bookstore while doing some installations in Barnes N’ Noble.   “Jack Herer” thats the name that I was trying to remember.   I have been enriched with hard to find facts through that book, and I can honestly say Jack has inspired me in many ways.   What a diligent, intelligent, and freedom loving man!

Emperor of Hemp – The Jack Herer Story:

Im blazing with Carlos and Jack in my thoughts and prayers.
Neither of you will ever be forgotten.

Thanks Adam for the vid link!  Welcome back!!!

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