The grass that grows in March disappears in April

The grass that grows in March disappears in April or Am feur a thig a-mach sa Mhàrt, thèid e staigh sa Ghiblean.

For almost two years now I have been talking about the fatal flaws in I-502.  Where on one hand they say “cannabis is legal” but I-502 failed to even take cannabis out of schedule 1 on a state level.  Nothing was actually legalized and there are new penalties and restrictions in place of old ones.

I still fail to see how I-502 was beneficial.  Now Montana is working on these 5ng driving limits, because of the precedent set by their neighbor Washington.

Well here is the latest in the saga of “not-so-legal-cannabis” in Washington.

Headline from the Olympian:  ”

Lawmakers ask liquor board to put the brakes on marijuana regulations

Incase the PDF disappears over time, here is another copy
The letter signed by three representatives says:  “Given the paucity of funds available, the question of marijuana remaining s Schedule I Controlled Substance under federal law and a lack of reasonable level of assurance that future revenue streams will justify such expenditures, we believe delaying such diversion of funds to be the most prudent course of action.”
They talk about how cannabis is a schedule 1 on a federal level.  But what ultimately nullifies even the possibilities of 10th Amendment states rights arguments is the fact that cannabis is not only a schedule 1 on a federal level, but it is ALSO a schedule 1 on a state level.  Meaning it is illegal on a federal level, and it is likewise illegal on a state level!
Plus 5.5 Million dollars to spend, and they are just getting started! Aren’t there roads needing to be built, families who are hungry, and education that is failing?  Yet they are willing to risk millions and millions of dollars on a long shot that cannabis MIGHT be legal, but most likely it will be determined to be illegal on a state and federal level due to piss poor planning by the ACLU (NAW).
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