The Great I-502 debate at HempFest 2012

This is the great debate about I-502 at HempFest 2012.   It was in fact one of the best debates that I have ever heard.
I could have done without having to hear Steve Elliot, he has been so divisive and crass and in my opinion has hurt this movement extremely.  I feel similarly about Keith Stroup when he points out how Republicans are against legalization, and yet says nothing about the democrats opposing legalization (and many do, including the president which he did mention).   He mentioned Barney Frank’s efforts, and yet fails to mention Ron Paul, even though Ron Paul has graced NORML several times with interviews and speaking engagements many times for 30 YEARS!.  Alison Holcomb is obviously very divisive, just a few days ago she dismissed the no-on-I-502 people as “being swayed by industry interests” and yet mentions nothing about how her and her colleagues have never ever supported a REAL legalization initiative even though there have been many to choose from, and some that even got HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of signatures.  Her and her colleagues have vested interests in introducing NEW driving penalties, because their main source of income is defending people against criminal penalties.   So I believe that the 75 years that the ACLU has stayed silent on this issue, is absolutely so loud it is deafening.  This shows me a last ditch effort of profiteering lawyers and LEO who want to keep some form of prohibition active despite the changing tides of the political climate.  Like I said, NAW watched Sensible Washington get hundreds of thousands of signature for REAL legalization, and yet they did nothing, and lent NO SUPPORT what so ever.

I was most impressed with Kari Boiter who made a wonderful initial speech.  She noted the probable cause issue, which in fact is not addressed in this initiative and rather gives a new avenue for police that is referred to as reasonable cause.
Cops often abuse their “probable cause” guidelines by claiming one thing or another, or by initiating a drug dog to do a false alert.  Watch what Barry Cooper (former narcotics agent) says about that.  Police have NO PROBLEM getting probable cause, even if none exist.  This happens ALL THE TIME!
Kari did a great job debunking these lawyer claims that are completely swayed to their own financial and career interests.

The main question is WHY?  Why this NEW duid provision, two other initiatives in this country has made the ballot this year WITHOUT introducing NEW penalties.


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