The importance of social media – corporate media vs. social media

I have been involved in social media since about 1993 when I started getting connected to BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems) with my commodore 64 computer.  In fact I used my cousin’s Commodore for a few years before that which is what got me hooked.
The thrill was being able to communicate instantly, and freely anytime I wanted to anywhere in the world about any topic I could think of and mostly without censorship!
This was before the internet as we know it.  This was on a big server called Fidonet, and others.   There were local, and international BBS’s.  It was amazing!   Being someone trapped “Behind the Zion Curtain” in Utah, where free expression was resisted and shunned very much.  This new form of communication was like medicine for my soul.

Now there is just so much more available, and it is progressing in so many ways.   20 years ago it was just text based chats and emails.  Now it’s videos, and MMPORPG.   The speeds of communication are beyong my wildest dreams 20 years ago when I was using a home built radio shack kit 300 baud modem..  If you can even imagine.  A 56K modem is about 25 times faster than what I was using back in the day.

But I could ask things and say things that I couldn’t ask or say in the flesh for the most part.  Parents and school officials certainly wouldn’t have any of it.  I found that out quickly by getting suspended from school a dozen or so times, usually for wearing a Sex Pistols concert shirt or something.

Social media breaks the mold of commerical media.  It may not be polished and professional, but it is raw, and real.

I am doing a 30 minute show today on BlogTalkRadio about cannabis and I am going to further explore this medium of communication.   Please join @ 3pm PST

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Also please see our latest publish article on another great social media platform:

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