The Mile High

So I am in Denver, I have completed the installation job at the dispensary. 
I was so very blessed to work with such wonderful, friendly and professional folks!

After work, I was very blessed and felt very comfortable toking on a fat spliff outside my hotel room.

I met 4 people at the hotel who were tokers, and it was great how generous folks have been to me here.

For a cannabis tour, I would give Denver 4.5 stars out of 5.

The culture is diverse and beautiful.  The scenery is as it has always been to me, AMAZING!   The people have been all friendly with no haters, grumps or headaches..   On Federal Blvd there are about 20 different dispensaries that I noticed, and probably more.  All of them with brightly colored signs which indicate what their product is in very obvious and stereotypical ways, but without many problems.

There was a report in the local paper about a grower who bragged to the media of just how much his current crop is worth.  He went to jail this weekend and I imagine his crop isn’t worth what it once was. 
Even though I think marijuana should be 100% legal, I think it really sucks when someone screws a good thing up for everyone.
Be safe people and there is no need to be greedy!

For those that shared with me, bless up!!

This is a picture of whats left of my nug.  This is some sort of strain of pez, but I didn’t absorb it’s full name.

It’s got a great taste, and it’s a sativa dominant.  Very nice, compact, dense buds!

Mile High budsThe Mile High!

Our first daughter was born here.  I sure did miss this place, even more so now!

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