The real corporate vampire in our midst

I have been saying this for years about the “medical only” topic in the cannabis legalization movement.
So many people have argued with me that if we legalize cannabis, big tobacco will be the main competitor and it will be big tobacco that drives ma and pa out of the business.

I have always said since I got on this topic that big tobacco is the least of our worries.  It will be big pharmaceutical companies that come in, make laws regarding cannabis, and they will take over the cannabis market and regulate the rest of the competition out of the market entirely.

I have about 10 videos on youtube about this:

See this article about what is becoming the new cannabis monopoly:

This idea that big tobacco would win in a free market is entirely ludicrous.  In the wine industry many small family businesses thrive because of the specialness of the market and the product.  The same will always be true for cannabis so long as the little guy isn’t regulated and restricted out of the market by laws that big pharma lobby for.

Big pharma have their hands so deep in Washington’s pockets (DC that is), and congress bends to just about every whim that big pharma comes up with.
I would much rather compete with Phillip Morris in any business as opposed to big pharma!

Prop19 was not perfect, but it was a good step in securing our freedom, and protecting ma and pot from strict medical regulations that will force them out of business.

I look forward to the initiatives coming out in 2012, and I hope that we start giving the FREE MARKET the room to breathe that it deserves.  In a free market, the consumer and the small business benefits.  In a oligopoly market only the wealthy businesses thrive.

See the following media that I have made on this topic

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