The result of thousands of years of humans working together!

I am in tears watching this today. Very very happy tears.

This is literally the result of millions of humans over thousands of years working together for the betterment of our species, our world and OUR UNIVERSE!!

This shows them entering orbit. 32 trips to space! 15000 MPH!!!!!! Good job Atlantis! What an amazing feet in collective human cooperation!

This is why we like to recontribute software that we work on, to an open source community.  Our dispensary software upgrades being released freely and publicly at is part of our commitment to further human advancement by collectively contributing to a common goal beneficial to all mankind.

There isn’t much comparison between what I do, and what NASA is doing.  But I like thinking about how one human invention inspired another.  Making source easy to work with, and easy to modify by leaving it open source is VERY important to us.

Again, good job Atlantis, good job NASA, good job humankind!

Bless up!

~Rev Ryan

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