The Russ Belville Challenge 2012-2013 – Legal or not?

I challenge Russ to a wager that cannabis is clearly either legal or not.  We will know if the legal cannabis market truly gets established.   If in December of 2013 there is legal, licensed dispensaries I will donate to the charity of Russ Belville’s choice (even NORML).
If Russ accepts this challenge, and there is no dispensaries and no licensing as I predict.  Then he will donate $500 to the Libertarian Party.

Russ has until December 28th 2012 to decide if he wants to take the challenge, or all bets are off!

I doubt he will accept.  But this is what I posted on his wall:


Russ Belville I realize you are a betting man. I know you like to challenge other activists to bets, oaths, and promises (like recently with Steve Sarich), would you be interested in a double or nothing wager about legal cannabis stores opening in Washington, licensed by the Liquor Control Board?

I’ve donated to NORML many times. Supporting your endeavors with what little I could. But I’ve sworn to not donate any more based on the childish insults dealt during the last couple of cannabis legalization campaigns.

But I figure if you are right about there being legal dispensaries in Washington come 2013, then I think you would deserve a reward for accurately reading the policy, and interpreting the intentions of the state, the courts and the feds.

So how about a small $250 bet. If you win, and legal stores actually arrive in Washington come 2013 (December right?), then I donate to the charity of your choice $500. If I win, you donate $500 to the libertarian party.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

So are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?

I’ll make a video with this challenge. You challenged me to a bet on February 29th about Ron Paul. So Im challenging you.



Russ’s challenge to other activists:

I have the link to the show where Russ challenged me to a bet at this link:

In this article I discuss Russ’s poor public relations and insult tactics.

This is the video that I show where the Producer of the NORML Live show threatened me (Ganja Jon Hamm)

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