There is a price for freedom, it’s called responsibility.

Recently I made a decision to start meeting about faith and teaching about my prospective on the universe and the creator.
I have no formal training and I have no plans to make a formal religion.  But I want to meet with others, who may or may not be like minded and share my life’s lessons and discuss the idea of intelligent design vs. competing theories.
This move was inspired by many small conflicts and discussions about this topic.  I have been working on a freedom initiative here in Washington, and I have been happy to participate, but some of the people that I work with have inspired a new venture in my life.

We will be meeting for Sensi Life (name of our gatherings)
When:   Sunday’s at 10am   (until further notice)
Where:  1312 North Monroe St., Spokane WA
What:  Gathering to talk about topics concerning intelligent design, world philosophy and community  I.E.  Sensi Life

Here is a new sermon in regards to this announcement:

* Description: There is a price for freedom, it’s called responsibility. Many people would rather be lazy than free. This is a conversation about religion and religious persecution that I participated in on facebook.

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