Thoughts on family, gay marriage, political separations plus I get pulled over by the cops!

On my way home from a long trip with my family, I talk about the recent issues in life.
I had a few thoughts on the Dan Cathy/Gay Marriage issue. So I talk about why I stand up for free speech. I think that it is highly inappropriate for mayors and elected officials to use their political power to hurt the business of someone else.

I spoke about how people think cannabis consumers never work or do anything, because of recent accusations from family.

I also talk about how being a father effects my politics. It really does too.
How it effects my decision to support or promote things like gay marriage and polygamy, and why I can not support gay marriage or polygamy from a personal point of view, yet how I support everyone including gay folks and polygamists to have all of the same rights that I have.


This is my mug shot from when I was 18 years old, in Salt Lake City.  I got busted for 2 grams of marijuana.
Shortly after this mug shot, I left Utah for Washington state.  A few years later I found a relationship with Christ, and due to influence from the book of Romans in the bible chapter 12 and 13 specifically, I was inspired to turn myself in on bench warrants that I ran away from in regards to these marijuana arrests.   I served 8 months in jail on 3 different arrests for pot and the most I ever had was 14 grams of pot.
This is why I am in favor of ending all criminal penalties on cannabis (and not introducing new regressive laws in their place).

This is the only mugshot I could find of myself. I was surprised I didn’t find at least one other. Because like I said I was arrested 3 different times for cannabis. (nothing else though)
I wish I could find the others. I may have to put a FOIA request in to the jail for that.
It interesting seeing this, and comparing to now. I don’t look much different. LOL

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