Thursday’s show on Sensi Life Radio – What is up with NORML

I have been a supporter of NORML for nearly 4 years, so don’t get me wrong, I love what they do most of the time. But there have been a series of events in the last year that I call in to question.

On our next show Thursday July 7th 2011 @ 3pm I will be discussing the issues that have have with NORML lately.

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I am not interested in creating discord. I am just curious why WA NORML paid more attention to SB 5073 this year than I-1149, and why I didn’t see much happening from National NORML in regards to support I-1149.

Im not saying that they didn’t support I-1149 at all. I am just saying WA NORML didn’t even have a Sensible Washington banner on their site until late March, and in live interviews with Russ Belville, Kevin Oliver didn’t even mention I-1149, instead he just gave full support (no opposition what-so-ever) to SB 5073, as did Alison Holcomb and Russ Belville.

SB 5073 turned out to be as bad as I was saying it was going to be. Washington patients in fact did not get any more rights, and in fact lost a few in the process (via section 301).

So what is going on? I would like to know.

Here are some videos that I have made about this recently;

NORML insulting me about my opposition to SB 5073:

This was the interview on the NORML Live Show about SB 5073 with Kevin Oliver and Alison Holcomb


Also for more on the topic of lobby groups, check out this interview with Donna Lambert:

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