To start a dispensary vs. starting a co-op

We are opening a store front in the near future and I have been faced with a lot of thoughts about how this will work.

If we should open a dispensary as in the California style dispensary, or if we should open a true non-profit co-op.

There are going to be hurdles either way.  It seems like on one hand a co-op would be more accountability and more overhead on time and resources.

But a dispensary would be more straight forward business, and less accountability and time overhead.

With this consideration, it seems more rational to start a dispensary as opposed to a co-op.

But then I think about why I am involved with this and why I want to be a part of this.  It is my motivation to help more than I take.  It is my obligation in fact, and I have stated it many times.  I think a true non-profit co-op is the best way to serve patients.   It allows for competition from pharmers, it allows the patient to interact with the person who is providing their medicine, and it gives patients a place to share ideas and genetics.

If we open a dispensary we would be helping pharmers sell their medicine, and helping patients get a fair deal.
We would charge a small donation from the farmers to provide to patients who are un-able to grow their own.
And allow for patients who want to grow their own a place to obtain seeds and education.

Our model that I have envisioned would not be cannabis cafe, or a hang out place.  It would be a place where patient can get medicine much like a pharmers market.  There would be pharmers who supply genetics/seeds themselves or they could donate to the co-op to pay for someone’s time to sell the product for them.  There would be a small fee for using the facility and the facility’s services such as security, advertising and equipment, possibly in a membership format.

A dispensary model is more of a buyer/seller for profit situation.   It seems like in that situation the prices become higher.

Dispensary vs. Co-op Poll:

BTW-  Thanks for the input John Parr!!   You are a wealth of knowledge and experience!!

Also I have been thinking about the subject that I hear about a lot lately of how there are very few producers of seeds that are not genetically altered in the world, and how a catastrophe could cause our seeds to be useless, and even global warming may be too much for these altered seeds to produce anything.
That is a scary thought to think of how many millions of acres of land are farmed in this world, and how many different kinds of crops there are.  With  there being so few providers of seeds for our food and the big providers are supplying genetically altered seeds?  That is a really scary thought!  It could become much like the monopolies on energy and possibly worse!

We need to protect our seed stock!

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