Today is the day for freedom in California

Today will always be remembered as ganja freedom day once Prop 19 passes!

I hope I dont have to rant about the anti-Prop 19 people any more. I get frustrated with them. If this passes, I won’t be frustrated anymore, I’ll move forward with freedom!

Something I posted earlier in a conversation, and I want to share it.

Here are some answers to the anti-Prop-19 folks, to comments and points that they often make.

They say:  Prop 19 controls patients rights too

Prop 215 does not govern Prop 19, and Prop 19 does not govern Prop 215. They are two separate pieces of legislation that govern two completely different topics. One does not effect the other, similar to how being a not-for-profit business is governed under different laws than being a for profit business. Both co-exist in the same society, both are in business to raise money. But they differ greatly in how they are governed.

It is the same thing with non-patients and patients, Prop 19 and Prop 215. Totally different governing rules.

Also the non-profit vs. profit thing is important to note too.
Because marijuana is not a tax exempt product. Marijuana is currently taxable in California.

When you become a non-profit you don’t have to pay taxes if you abide by the rules.  If your product is marijuana, and you are a non-profit then your product is tax exempt. But its the same thing as if you are selling oregano or milk, whatever.

Prop 19 doesn’t change any tax laws. Because all of the taxing is already going on in MMJ.

The problem is the black market, and the cartels. They are not getting taxed on the billions of FOR PROFIT dollars that they are making from our citizens..

We need to take this market back, and start growing HEMP!

They say:  Prop19 gives the cannabis industry over to the big corporations.

This is not true.  For example the city code in Oakland that was unanimously passed to allow large scale grow ops, was written up before Proposition 19 was ever written.  Despite that Prop19 didn’t pass, permits are still valid and will still be issued. 

Prop 19 had nothing more to do with large business, than Prop 215 did.  The proof is, that under Prop 215 mega grow ops are popping up anyway. 

So if the large grow ops are popping up now without Prop 19, then how did stopping Prop 19 help anything with the large corporation concern?

Sorry, this was at 5am, no light

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