Took a trip to heaven on earth today

I don’t know how else to explain this, except that I went to heaven on earth today.   They call it “CHANGE” and it’s a medical marijuana dispensary in Spokane.

After watching this video from local News station KXYL (click here), didn’t get the impression the news station was reporting without HEAVY bias.

So then I went searching on the net a bit, and I found a few blog posts about them.  Some people had been and didn’t like the place, and some people had been and reported on their experience which seemed positive.

Here are some samples of these posts. on Washington’s first dispensary.  (click here)

This is from a blog administrator apparently:

“After checking into this matter and consulting with CC/SMG management, we will not be endorsing this specific establishment. Any questions or concerns CC members or SMG patients may have can be addressed to me. We have taken steps to offset any inconvenience this may cause to SMG patients. Thank you for your understanding and continued support while we implement alternative options. KMJ.”

While I was at the doctor’s office (CBRMedical) which despite the wait, it was an excellent experience in and of itself.  I got all of my paper work together yesterday, by getting all of my chart notes and doctor’s references for the past 2 years, and I had them faxed to me and to the Clinic.  I went down just to hand deliver my copies, and they already had all of my charts, and were ready to make an appointment.
Fortunately I was there on the right day, because I got right in to see Dr. Mohammad Said whom is a very kind man and good to chat with.

I did a little research on him too, aside from CBR’s competition no one has had a bad thing to say about him or his business that I have found..   Dr. Said is very professional, and curtious, and as I understand it Dr. Said is running for governor of Washington.   I like someone who stands up for their rights!  He may have my vote, we’ll see!

But while I was in Dr. Said’s office, I contacted CHANGE because I saw their ad in the NickleNik news paper earlier and they were just closing, it was 6pm.  It sounded like whomever I spoke to had a hard day, so I didn’t plea with them to stay longer.   Even though I really had  reason to beg, which was the horrible headache I was experiencing at the time.   But I decided to just suck it up, and near dose up on Tylenol, which didn’t seem to do anything by cramp my stomach up.

So I decided to come back the next day, the person who I spoke to the night before said they opened at 10am.  I arrived today at about 1:30 because I slept in after a long night of working on computers..

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by Chris who took my authorization, and my ID.  They called my doc and verified my recommendation.  When the credentials cleared, they opened the door to the back room where the herb superb was kept.

They had five strains to choose from and they were very polite and accommodating, though I can’t remember all of the strains after sampling them.   I got three strains, which where the Pineapple Express (I still haven’t saw that movie), AF Gooey, and Grand Daddy Pooba.  I sampled some “Skittles” and I LOVE that stuff.  Seems like it is denser on the sativa side of the strain, but made for an uplifting and slightly medicated rest of the afternoon.

There were other patrons at the store, and they were all older gentlemen and also very pleasant.  We spent about 15 minutes just chillin.  It was very relaxing..  (ahhh)

My review of this place, and the process was VERY positive.  I only wished they had more strains available, and according to one of the employees, soon they will.   I’d like to see some hash and some baked goods in the near future.

Also to my surprise  Christopher Stevens is on the front cover of the Spokesman Review today.
This man is running for City Council as I understand it.  After he expressed such professionalism and service to me today, he would likely have my vote if I lived in his district.

I don’t believe that they have a website, but I want to recommend my wife to him or anyone who needs an earthy, organic, and professionally made website.   See Artistic By Nature on the net.

Heaven on earth all day!!!!!   Praises to the Almighty!

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