Top O’ The Mornin’ to ya!

I announced that I would be posting about  a “Celtic History Month”, and in light of that.  I couldn’t leave out this song.

Top’ Of the Mornin’ To Ya by House of Pain 
Great song, and it really brings me back to good times.

(good tokin music)

(link from YouTube, seems to have passed Youtube DMCA policies and bots….   It’s got 50k plus hits, and this person is not a copyright owner. 
Some artists are just cool like that.  I hope Everlast (aka Eric Schrody, or Whitey Ford) House of Pain, and their record company are good with me reposting this link.  But I’ll happily take it down if there are any objection by any copyright owners..

This is something that I learned that I never knew.

Third album

House of Pain abruptly broke up in 1996 after the release of their third album, Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again, which featured guest appearances by rappers Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Guru of Gang Starr, producer/rapper Divine Styler and reggae singjay Cockni O’Dire (credited as the Scheme Team). On the release date of the album, Everlast announced his departure from the group as he had recently embraced Islam and felt he had to get away from the culture that surrounded House of Pain. .[1]”

This is from Wiki:

I was surpised to find that he ’embraced Islam”.  Peace to him.   If he found something that gets him closer to the creator, and he is at peace.  What a blessing.

For about 10 years I went to Krishna temples, especially the one in Salem Utah, and also one in Seattle.  I spent a lot of time with them.  Tulsidavi-dasi let me live with her and her children for several years.  It was a great and welcomed learning experience. 
I really miss them, they are my spiritual family from another life.   I hope they are blessed.  They helped me when I was helpless and young.

I also had several conversations with Vai-bovi (sp?) and Cha-ru (sp?) (caretakers at the Salem Temple).   I found so many similar qualities in morals, and in deity.  Not that the morals or the diety are the exact same. But if we look at the basics, it’s like this to me>

“Baptism” (xtian) =   :”The ceremony of shaving a child’s head” – Both VERY important to Christians and Hindus, and is meant for a “child” (even if adult) to become enlightened.

“Feasting and fasting”

“Resurrection” = “Reincarnation”

“Vishnu” =”Eloheim”

“Jesus” = “All of the incarnations of the main diety, such as Krishna.and Ganesha”  They are all Vishnu, and I have had it described to me by multiple people, that Hinduism is very much Monotheistic.  Ref:  (

I am no expert in Hinduism, but I would like to be.  I just find it so amazing how similar the two very different religions (seem to be).. 
I would probably go to a Hindu temple if I had a strong desire to seek clergy.

Anyway, Celtic history month..    I dunno if anyone thinks my ramblings are silly or serious, but I am just rambling because I was thinking of a friend today, a different friend that I knew who ’embraced hinduism’, she is getting married soon to a straight up nice guy, who treats her right.
She inspired me a lot growing up.  A good friend.   Sláinte to you both!

Bless up!

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