Upcoming show on Carl’s Cannabis Corner, Sunday May 22nd 4pm

Carl’s Cannabis Corner
Sunday, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM  PST

Carl Olsen is the Director of Iowans for Medical Marijuana, www.iowamedicalmarijuana.org, blog.iowamedicalmarijuana.org, petition.iowamedicalmarijuana.org

The Next Show is Sunday, 5/22/2011: Carl’s Cannabis Corner – May 22, 2011

My guest this week is Ryan Thompson, a Cannabis Activist from the state of Washington. We’ll be following up on the discussion I had with CannaCare’s Steve Sarich last week.


Global Marijuana March

Carl Olsen


I have to say that I really enjoyed the show that Carl and Steve Sarich did together on May 15th, so I reached out to Carl and I have been invited to do a follow up on that show.   Thanks Carl and Steve for great information and such needed discussion on marijuana laws!


Carl’s Cannabis Corner – May 15, 2011

My guest is Steve Sarich with CannaCare in the state of Washington

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