Updates from Reverend Ryan December 08 2009

There are several random updates in this vlog update, I’ve been really busy with EmeraldPOS.com and I haven’t had a lot of time to get these updates in.  So here they are.


First of all Adam sent an email about two bills in WA that are about to die in committee.

The following is a list of addresses for supporters of Marijuana Decrim in
WA State. I have e-mails form these folks stating their support OR they
have vote for one of our decrim bills ( HB1177 / SB5615) OR they have
sponsored one of those bills
Take the time to e-mail them and say thanks for their support.
While you have their attention, Ask them to Sponsor one of the bills, start conversations in the hall.
Tell them they don’t need to be afraid of Marijuana Law reform, We the people support them in Pushing the topic.

Jacobsen.Ken@leg.wa.gov, Kline.Adam@leg.wa.gov, kohl-welles.jeanne@leg.wa.gov, tom.rodney@leg.wa.gov, McCaslin.Bob@leg.wa.gov,
Regala.Debbie@leg.wa.gov, dunshee.hans@leg.wa.gov, Goodman.Roger@leg.wa.gov, Upthegrove.Dave@leg.wa.gov, Appleton.Sherry@leg.wa.gov, O’Brien.Al@leg.wa.gov, Roberts.MaryHelen@leg.wa.gov, Morris.Jeff@leg.wa.gov, murray.edward@leg.wa.gov, mcdermott.joe@leg.wa.gov,

Also respect to Marc Emery!  Lets keep this man free!  Noextradition.net

As always pray for those cannabis soldiers who have lost their freedom, their jobs, their families, and their dignity over this stupid war on the American people.

This goes out to my old class mates!


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