Updates: xCannabis video streaming

This is my first release of my live video streaming via my Windows Mobile Cell phone.
I have been making YouTube videos for a long time, but recently my expensive HDD camera that I bought last year died on me and I needed a replacement.  After just having a new born baby, and moving to a new state we are too financially challenged to go invest $2500 into a pro-camera.  So I found a way to use my 2.o megapixel cell phone camera to broadcast live video streaming via http://www.qik.com.  (livecast.com is also a good resource)

Our first live mobile video:

(you can catch any of our broadcasts at:  http://xtube.xcannabis.com

It’s truly a great tool to have with you.  Since I always carry my cellphone, which also comes with a built in Windows computer, and a built in camera, this software fits right in to my activism.

Using real life experience, lets set up the scene.   I am driving a long with my family.  Minding my own business, not expecting that I am about to be pulled over.  Not doing anything wrong.  Having my vehicle properly functioning.  Keeping up with the flow of traffic, and minding the speed limit give or take a few miles.
I have a GPS that tells me vocally that I am exceeding the speed limit, in fact its very annoying.    When I exceed 10 miles per hour over the speed limit a female voice very audibly says “WARNING, WARNING”..    And then there is a yellow exclamation point that identifies a speed limit warning, and next to it in the bottom right hand corner the GPS accurately identifies my speed and displays it.  In the top left corner the speed limit is posted.

So the cop does a big u-turn in the road, which happens to also be a busy highway, and a bridge on HWY 395…   He pulls me over, conveniently the area that he pulls me over has a 60mph sign behind us a few feet back.
I ask him what I can do for him, and he tells me we were going 70mph in  a 50mph zone.

1.  I was keeping up with traffic

2.  The sign that we got pulled over by said 60mph

3.  When I visually glanced at my speed when I saw this cop, I was going 58 mph, and our GPS warnings had not sounded, so we were well within 50-60, there is no way we were going 70mph, because at 60mph the alert would have started sounding.  It didn’t.

So I get the ticket, and I tell the cop that I will fight it.

I requested discovery evidence from the records department only to find out that only 8 state patrol cars out of over 160 have dashcams in them in WA state, and this was one car that didn’t come equipped with a dashcam.

So now it’s down to my word against his.  On the bright side I have my wife as an eye witness.  The cop only has his own testimony.  But for a judge, his testimony may outweigh my testimony and my wife’s.

BUT.. If I would have been filming and streaming video when I got pulled over, I could have clearly shown that the GPS displayed my speed, and I could have filmed the 60mph sign that we parked next to when we got pulled over.  Then it wouldn’t be our wrod against his.  It would be actual camera footage vs. his lies..

Im not saying all cops are crooks.  But this technology that I call the “KOP WATCHER”, would have been the perfect eye witness, that not even the judge could deny.

Protect yourself!  Defend your freedoms!   If you need any advice on this technology send me an email.  BTW the phone I use is the HTC6800  otherwise known as the VX6800.   It’s a great phone!

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