Utah ex-legislator caught growing weed

Im really grateful that upstanding, kind and compassionate people are standing up for what is right.
Fox may have been helping out patients who couldn’t get a prescription in Utah because of theocratic laws and opinions in Utah.

Whatever the case, my hat goes off to Mr. Jeff Fox!  Spread the herb!!

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) – Salt Lake Police say they pulled 16 pounds of marijuana out of the home of Jeff Fox earlier this week. Fox’s mug shot was given to the media, and his face hit the news. But many may not realize the background of the man now accused. “You know, Jeff has worked for many, many years for some of the most disadvantaged people of the state,” said citizen lobbyist Claire Geddes. Along with Fox, she battled utility legislation at the State Capitol, legislation which was viewed as anti-consumer. Fox served in the Utah legislature 30 years ago, as a young state representative from Salt Lake. In the House at the same time, were former governors Olene Walker and Norm Bangerter, who was then House Speaker. Congressman Rob Bishop was also there as a youthful lawmaker. Fox led the group, Utahns Against Hunger, and for ten years, was the director of the Crossroads Urban Center, one of the best known organizations serving the poor…..  <more>”

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