Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Lisa Steed fired

This corrupt officer as well as many others are issuing false DUI tickets around our humbled and broken country.

You can read more at this link:  http://fox13now.com/2012/12/06/uhp-trooper-lisa-steed-fired/

The reason that this is so irritating to me, not only with the per se laws voting into law in Washington, but this subject in general.  Having a father who had a DUI charge which I know screwed up his career, but also the fact that I was arrested for DUID in Juab County when I was 18 years old, even though all that I had on me was a flake of cannabis in the trunk of my car in the bottom of an all but empty baggy.  The charges were reduced to “possession of marijuana”  Class B misdemeanor fortunately.

But if it would have been DUID, that kind of charge would follow me around for the rest  of my life.  I know this after observing my dad going from being an executive in a world wide construction company, to workly labor jobs after getting a DUI while in the company car.   That DUI followed him around forever.

What I thought was reckless of the officer that arrested me, is that he didn’t give me a field sobriety test or a blood test or anything else, yet he was able to get my car impounded, and me thrown in jail for something as little as a flake of cannabis, just because he claimed without evidence that I was DUID.  I certainly was not.  My only reason for being pulled over to begin with was “Damaged equipment” because my front fender and blinker light was badly damaged.  But I was following all traffic rules.  I suspect he didn’t like my attitude or my look.  But I also think he was motivated by getting multiple awards for this type of traffic stop;   See more about Officer Paul Mangelson here:  www.nephitimesnews.com/1205/122105/2.htm

People ask me when I complain about I-502.  “Why would the cops go out of their way to make false DUI arrests”?
I always reply “why not”?   When the law becomes ‘per se’ it makes it all the easier to get this convictions.
But further more, I think there is career related motives for making these type of arrests.   Which is why some officers are willing to risk their employment to arrest people for DUI.

My cousin made this comment “Best DUI arrest she ever made, some poor disabled guy that was riding a bike, not even drunk.”  According to investigations into her conduct there were (allegedly) a lot of very questionable arrests in her service record.

These DUID issues are no small consequence people.   As an experiment, just compare the DUI/D laws to simple possession laws, and then compare the penalties.   Which would you consider worse?
I also believe very strict laws like Reckless Driving are far more fair, and far easier to observe in the POV of the officer.
Reckless driving can get someone serious jail time, loss of their license and fines up to $5000.   If someone is driving stupid, impairment means nothing.   Stupid driving gets you busted.

I say NO to per se DUI standards and laws.

One last quick update; please visit this link

Grant a full pardon to Chris Williams, a man facing 80 years in prison for legally growing Medical Marijuana


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