Utah Protests on April 24th 2009 for marijuana law reform



Protesting marijuana law reform and the sentencing of Charles Lynch in Salt Lake City Utah, and Provo Utah on April 24th 2009.
This was a short notice protest, but with everything that is going on in the news, I decided to try to keep up the momentum on marijuana law reform protests.
Charles Lynch’s sentencing court date got moved up, and since it is still the week of 4/20, I wanted to use that as an excuse to exercise my free speech, and draw more attention to this increasingly burdensome drug war.

My messages were these (on my signs):

“No Victim – No Crime”
“Free Charles Lynch”
“Prohibition is Un-American”
“Freedom is NORML”

I also passed out flyers which you can see here:

Legalize Marijuana Coin
Legalize Marijuana Coin

In Salt Lake I had a few federal marshall’s get a little onery with me, but nothing much.  One federal marshall that I met at the sandwich shop had a friendly discussion with me about this issue, and was in at least partial agreement about the drug war being ineffective.

In Provo Utah, Officer Moore from the Provo police department had nothing better to do than to harass me and waste tax payer’s time and money by concerning himself with a non-violation.  This police officer wasted 1 hour or more harassing me while on duty, instead of doing something useful with the tax payer’s time.
I am not going to official file a complaint, however I am sending this to his supervisor and to the court of public opinion via an internet video.
I figure if he has the time to harass me, I have time to do a little peer review of his wasteful tactics, in this time of budget crises and financial cut backs.

Please pass this on to your friends!  Keep up the heat on the heat!

(Chief Geslison)  cgesliso@provo.utah.gov

Dear Sir,

I would like to report office D. Moore of your department for harassing me during my
legal protest that took place on the afternoon of 4/24/2009.

This officer was completely out of line, and wasted over an hour of tax pay time/money on
harassing me while I was exercising my free speech.

I have put this on the internet for peer review.  Officers like this must be accountable,
so unless Provo City or the Provo City Police department wants to review this case.  I
will leave this up for peer review at my website, here is a link:



As for the content of this video.  I felt like my time was taken advantage of, and I felt
insulted by the police officer lying about his alleged probable cause that he had to
demand my identification from me.  This officer had no probable cause as I had made no
violations what-so-ever and it’s obvious from his language to me that he didn’t respect
my time, he didn’t respect my 1st amendment rights by stealing my time away from my
protest for a non-issue.  He also did not have the right to demand my identification
under my 5th Amendment rights, which I also believe could be a violation of my 4th
Amendment rights too.  I gave my name to both officers who had asked for it that day.
But I am not required to give my ID, even though this officer said that I was required to
give it.

Had I actually committed a crime here, I would feel that he would have the right to
detain me like he did and demand my identification.  But I did nothing wrong, so I was
completely protected under my 5th Amendment rights to not be required to give my

I reluctantly gave him my identification anyway.  But I think this whole event is a
serious injustice, a waste of tax payer money and a serious misuse of police resources.
Are your officers REALLY that bored?

Thank you for your time.  Please give your officers more training on civil rights and the
bill of rights.

Ryan Thompson

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