Utah vs. Marijuana

The summary of my visit to Utah is that I spoke with a bunch of random people, either in the hospital or in my daily affairs, eating, shopping, visiting with friends and family…
The common story is that people are complaining of losing a lot of loved ones to depression.

There is such an epidemic in Utah with depression, and depression treatments, suicide and attempted suicide. It is a sad state of affairs that I call “Spiritual Depression”.

Utah is high in morality, strict overly rigid moral systems.  But why such a problem with mental health?

Along with this, I found a sense of fear to recognize that there is a problem. I found that people in Utah seem to feel that staying true to their heritage, is to deny that there is any problem. This theory is not only based on my personal convictions, but also statements made by Dr. Curt Canning, the head of the Utah Psychiatric Association.


I think Utah and Utahans have been conditioned to not speak out. Not support things that they know are right based on public opinion of their local community

So on with more activism!!

It was ol’ Ben Franklin that said (some say Voltaire said this first). “Those who would sacrifice freedom for security, deserve  and will have neither”.
I agree!

If apathy or fear consumes you. What good are you? Start living, instead of just surviving. Embrace your freedom!

Ryan Thompson


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