Video Blog updates for 10/25/2009 and the Inland Northwest NORML meeting

This is my weekly video vlog for xCannabis.  I try to sit down and do these when I have some free time at home, but that rarely happens.  So sometimes I take it on the road with me.

These are some of the clips from 10/25/2009.   I was on my way to the Inland Northwest NORML meeting, and I filmed these videos in my truck and at the meeting. for more videos

Part 1 NORML Meeting 10/25/2009

Part 2 NORML Meeting 10/25/2009


This meeting had a lot to do with the dispensaries in Spokane, as well as marijuana law reform and what the opposition is doing to attack this movement and these laws that the people voted on.

Music for this vlog post by Dezarie “Strengthen Your Mind”

One Love!   ~Reverened Ryan

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